wedding wear daily program

Do you know about Jill’s W.W.D. program?

If you come visit us at the boutique, you will notice a beautiful selection of parachute dresses made of 100% silk dupioni on display. These can be purchased right off the rack, 15% off. We also use these dress samples for fittings, so our customers can get an idea of how the sizes fit and how different necklines, sleeve lengths, dress lengths, and colors look on them. As a “semi-custom” program, we take note of any needed tweeks on the dress and write up an order form. You get to choose the neckline and sleeve combination, dress length, the color (we have a ton of choices!) and whether you want it lined (w/ cotton voile) for an additional $100! And to make it even better, ┬áto care for these dresses is as simple as hand washing cold, twisting, and hanging. Give us two weeks and the dress is all yours! Below is part of a form we have at the shop that shows your dress options:

As Jill suggests, “Wear to work with a blazer & boots, or on summer vacation with sandals, winter holidays with a sweater, or the obvious special occasion. Easy care, easy wear and super easy to travel with!”

Popular for special events, weddings, birthdays, and even just a fun night out to dinner,  these parachute dresses are great for all occasions. Dress it up with heels and jewelry or dress it down with a pair of boots and a jean jacket! Below are a few photos of some of the different styles and colors the dresses can be made in.


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