Sarah Hall’s “The Beautiful Indifference”

Tremendously gifted and talented British author and Jill Anderson loyalist Sarah Hall has just had her short story collection The Beautiful Indifference published in the USA! Congratulations Sarah!

The Beautiful Indifference won the Portico Prize for Fiction 2012 and the Edge Hill short story prize and was also short-listed for the Frank O’Connor Prize. Support a fellow Jill Anderson customer and enjoy her latest piece of work! You can purchase The Beautiful Indifference on amazon:

Sarah Hall has been named by The Guardian “one of the most significant and exciting of Britain’s young novelists.” To learn more about her and see what else she is up to, visit her website at

Check out the photos below to see Sarah dressed in Jill Anderson!

Sarah at the Crosby Library dressed in Jill’s Mini Monk Dress

Sarah at the Portico Library in Manchester where she gave a reading to celebrate her second win of the Portico Prize for Fiction. Wearing JA pants!

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