Keri Pickett’s “The Fabulous Ice Age”

Keri Pickett, filmmaker and Jill Anderson customer, had produced and directed a film documenting a century of Theatrical Skating called “The Fabulous Ice Age.”

“The Fabulous Ice Age” chronicles the era of the great American touring iceshows revealing how, with their dazzling production numbers and variety acts, they dominated family entertainment for decades. It also depicts one skater’s quest to keep this history from being forgotten. The ice shows’ creation and success changed the lives of skaters and audiences alike – eventually exporting American culture around the world. Rare archival footage, candid interviews with producers, skating legends and devoted chorus gypsies bring this never-before-told history of a uniquely American art form to life.”

“The Fabulous Ice Age” chronicles a century of theatrical skating, from Berlin’s Charlotte, to America’s Ice Follies, Ice Capades, Holiday on Ice, and the Sonja Henie shows, illustrating how they dominated live entertainment for decades while also depicting one skaters’ quest to share this history….Never before seen footage, photos and rare archival material introduce us to a handful of skaters, producers and entrepreneurs who helped change their world. Starting in America with the Hippodrome and hotel shows and big arenas, we then see how Holiday on Ice brought skating to Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, to Asia, Africa and South America., where ice had never been seen before.”

Support a JA customer and make a contribution to Keri’s completion of the film  at

For more on Keri’s documentary, visit

or check out her twitter accounts @fabulousiceage and @keripickett

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  1. Keri Pickett says:

    We are having our World Premiere on Sunday April 14th at 7 PM at the St. Anthony Main Theatre as part of the Minneapolis International Film Festival! My film’s poster gives a clue as to which color Jill Anderson dress I will be wearing for my premiere!

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