“You Don’t Need Feet to Dance”

Opening on March 22nd at the Quad Cinema in NYC is the documentary You Don’t need Feet to Dance. This documentary shares the story of Sidiki Conde, husband to the talented artist and JA devotee, Deborah Ross. We are very excited for Sidiki and Deborah and look forward to the opening!

In the documentary film You Don’t Need Feet to Dance, African immigrant Sidiki Conde, having lost the use of his legs to polio at fourteen, balances his career as a performing artist with the almost insurmountable obstacles of life in New York City, from his fifth-floor walk up apartment in the East village, down the stairs with his hands and navigating in his wheelchair through Manhattan onto buses and into the subway.

Sidiki struggles to cope with his disability and to earn a decent living, but he still manages to teach workshops for disabled kids, busk on the street, rehearse with his musical group, bicycle with his hands, and prepare for a baby naming ceremony, where he plays djembe drums, sings, and dances on his hands.”

For more information on this incredible documentary, be sure to check out these two websites:

1) http://www.youdontneedfeettodance.com/

2) http://www.firstrunfeatures.com/newsletter/Publicity/youdontneedfeettodance.html

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