Alive & Kickin’

Hello all!

At last, the heat of summer cools into fall. Thank you so much for your kind patience as our blog awakes from a lengthy, sun-induced nap. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are well-rested and ready for action!

Fall/Winter ’13 will bring inspiring new designs and fresh incarnations of our signature pieces. We’re in the throes of production here at the boutique, and are excited to share what we’ve been up to since our cyber-hiatus. ┬áStay tuned for a whole kit ‘n’ caboodle of snapshots, event invites, and sneak peaks getting you up to speed and eager for autumn.

As always, please feel free to stop by and say hello! We’d love to catch up.

All our love,
Jill Anderson Boutique

Click  the images below for a better look-see (and some informative text, where necessary).


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