* hot off the press *

You heard it first–  Jill has two new creations this weekend!!

Thirsty for new Super Sheaths?  Well you’re in luck.
Jill’s “Wino Print” S.S. is another perfect transition piece as summer cools to fall.  While it’s warm, wear this with wedges and a favorite sun hat.  If it’s chilly, try layering our Wino with boots, contrasting tights, and a cropped jacket.  Easily dressed up or down!

Wine on your dress?
No problem.


Our Debbie Harry Remix has been released for a mere 48 hours, and we’re nearly sold out again.  One hit wonder?  I think not.  Come try on our new and improved Debbies, featuring gold fishnet and luxe black mesh (see below).

Our “Debbie Harry” with gold fishnet overlay


Our “Debbie Harry” with luxe black mesh overlay

Undeniably chic, with a clever nod to our punk roots.
This one’s an underground smash hit (and the fans want more).



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