There Will Be Plaid

Sure, we’re still dealing with stubborn humidity, surprise thunder storms, and scantily-clad Manhattanites sipping on overpriced fruit smoothies.  But don’t worry your little heart.  This, too, shall pass.

After pulling soggy bangs away from my eyes (Sweat?  Rain?  Who knows?  Who cares) and throwing out the hot remains of a “Berry Powerful”  (Ok… Guilty), I found reassurance on 9th street.  I realized my tanlines are gone. Mannequins’ flip flops and crop tops have been swapped with boots and cardigans.  The leaves are changing.  There’s hope yet.

I come back from my lunch break and Ralph the Fabric Guy rolls up in a cab.  He comes bearing gifts– rolls upon rolls of fresh textiles to begin our next collection.  Suddenly, I don’t feel so soggy anymore.  I make an executive decision to play some Miles Davis and return to my post.

Consider yourselves warned–

There will be plaid.



… And a little lace.  Alright, some sequins too.
Oh, and silks that will make you do the Happy Dance in front of our mirrors.
Visit us weekly to see what makes the next cut!

(Spoiler:  We have new Super Sheaths in Navy Watch Plaid, and new Debbie Harry’s in black.  And rumor has it, an all-new Dustbowl Daughter is in the works.)


We look forward to catching up.

– Arianne Alizio,

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3 Responses to There Will Be Plaid

  1. miriam sirota says:

    Plaid! Yay!!!!!!!!!

  2. laurie n says:

    Great post, Arianne. You are awesome. Loving that orange plaid I think I see. LOVING IT. Plaid + orange? Holy crap cute.

    • admin says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Thanks so much for reading! The sneak peak of plaid is somewhere between a rust and a rich caramel color– think Sherlock Holmes meets Sophia Loren. A little bird tells me that particular fabric will grow up to be an Italian Widow… And around here, they grow up fast!

      We hope to see you soon.


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