We’re On a Roll!

At the expense of shamelessly tootin’ our own horn, I must admit that I am honored to be the bearer of good news.

Jill’s latest creations are OUT of this world.  Our production lines are back in full swing, and we’re off to a fabulous beginning of fall.  We managed to unearth the very last of our silk dupioni rolls (Gasp!) for some surprise Widows, and put our mood boards to the test for a new take on the Dustbowl Daughter.

Scroll down and take a gander.  I think you’ll be pleased.


Our new Italian Widow in a stunning Lilac Silk Dupioni
The iridescence is to dye for.

This particular Widow was made for a special customer’s upcoming TV appearance
(check out our next blog post for details).

A close-up of our Lilac Widow, above.
Only two sizes left!  (XS + S)


Our Italian Widow in Black Dupioni.
A true classic in every sense.
Currently in sizes  S, M, L, + XL


Take a bow–
This Dustbowl Daughter deserves a standing ovation.
Jill’s latest features a subtly sheer damask pattern with cream cotton slip.
I’m still fawning over the black satin tie-back and diamond-knit trim!

Details, above.
We have two XS + one S in store.

A perfect segue from summer to fall.

– Arianne Alizio

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