And the hits keep rollin’

Without further ado (and with great excitement), I present to you the latest pieces of Jill Anderson’s Fall 2013 collection.

Our friend Violet, above, sporting our newest take on the Painter Duster.
Seductive, yet street-smart lace. Need I say more?
(We will be adding buttons!)

Truly couture.
Jill’s classic Duster silhouette features a feminine, A-line cut with drop shoulders.

Wear it over a slip, some jeans, a wedding dress… you name it!


Above, another take on our newest Painter Duster.
Structural, showstopping canvas.

Yes, we made even MORE Tartan Dustbowl Daughters.
We currently have one in each size.

Remember all that plaid I shared with you a few posts ago?
Well, here’s what became of that hopeful fabric roll– NEW ITALIAN WIDOWS!

Alright, you can rejoice again.

Come stop by and try these on for size!
– Arianne Alizio
Photos of Violet by yours truly


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