Mistress Miriam

Rain or shine (or, like today, bizarre fluctuations of both),  we can always count on Miriam to make us smile.  Here’s our girl struttin’ her stuff in some of fall’s finest.

Looking fab-solutely chic in our Tartan Dustbowl Daughter.
We still have 4 of these darlings left!  Swing by and try one on for size.

And, simply to celebrate Miriam, I’ve made a gif of her doin’ a little dance in vintage Jill.

That’s the spirit!


Stay tuned for a slew of hot-off-the-press pieces.  Though I’d hate to spoil a good surprise, I will say this:
For those who love dressy jumpsuits and silk slip dresses… we salute you.

All our love,
Ari + Jill

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