Fresh Takes on Familiar Faves

Jill and the team are raising the bar as winds pick up and trees lose their leaves.  Chilly mornings, midday hot spells, and nighttime showers?  Bring it on, autumn.

Our friend Taylor is modeling our new Skirt Pant and Squares Jacket.  We’ve played with their proportion and fabric to offer a fresh take on familiar favorites.


Cheongsam Skirt Pant
Black Cotton
Note the longer skirt and a slimmer leg than our previous versions.
Still featuring sleek and functional square pockets!


Squares Jacket
Black drape crepe, with a wonderful weight
Multi-purpose and rich to the touch
(featuring a too-good-to-be-true blazer lining!)

Ideal for business and evening– or pair with a favorite tee, denim, and flats for casual everyday wear.

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2 Responses to Fresh Takes on Familiar Faves

  1. Who will make Caitlin Roses’s wedding dress now that you are retired! Your amazing dresses are the only ones I can envision on her – when her special day comes. She also has made the gorgeous raw silk and beautiful red dress her “audition” dress that has so far brought such wonderful results in being successfully cast in some great parts….and it’s no wonder that “her look” made her stand out! Thank you for being the incredible artist you are…and if ever you are back creating…we will be there to help support you.

  2. Ilene Curtach says:

    Jill Anderson embodies the definition and spirit of a true independent designer. I look forward to staying in touch with Jill, hearing more about her next move in the design business and following her as an ardent fan of her work. Jill, your clothes make my closet an amazing place!! :)

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