Fit for a Fairytale

Jill’s customers are never damsels in distress.  Rather, they are fair maidens and intrepid explorers, often found embarking on urban adventures not for the faint of heart.  Three of our most recent designs encapsulate the essence of our valiant renaissance women– strong, graceful, multifaceted, enduring.  

Our friend Eliza McNitt sports our latest Viking Jacket in goldleaf brocade
layered over our new Italian Widow in black rayon.

Equal parts bohemian, baroque, 60s rock icon, and fairy tale fab.

Absolutely infatuated with this look–
completed with well-traveled leather boots
and earthy accessories (like Eliza’s hawk feather earrings).


This next design is hot off the press.
We simply can’t get enough of our Dustbowl Daughter!

Jill’s newest Dustbowl Daughter features elegant modifications just in time for the seasonal shift.
We’ve added just a bit of length at the sleeve and skirt for a show-stopping silhouette.

Sleek navy satin cloaked in midnight lace, with black accent tie-back.
In few words, a dream.

Try one on for size, and you’ll feel like the queen of the castle.

Photos and text by
Arianne Alizio

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