fall forward


You asked, we delivered.

Our beloved Midi Paraskirt is back in stock!  She is featured in a luscious black satin (feels like a DREAM to the touch).  Perfect for both casual and formal ensembles, our Midi Paraskirt is truly the star of the show (no matter where she goes).   Paraskirts are always fast sellers, so claim yours before they’re going… going… Gone!

And remember, all merchandise is currently 20% off. Sing it!

But wait… there’s more.  Jill has curated an incredible collection of shoes and accessories for sale.  This pop-up trove of affordable treasures is also only in-store for a limited time.  We have an array of boots just in time for the shift of season, as well as a wide selection of heels.  (We have a prime condition pair of black Varda boots with cream lining.  Italian leather.  $20.  I kid you not.)




And, just for kicks, here’s a sneak peek at our next paraskirt fabric, in the final stages of production.

Sure to cause a camo-tion!



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4 Responses to fall forward

  1. cyndi lee says:

    Hello! What size are those plaid pointy toed shoes? Thanks, Cyndi

  2. Debbi says:

    Could I reserve one of the black satin paraskirts, size Small?. I will fly in to NY tomorrow and probably be by the shop on Wed. or Thurs. If you can figure out a
    cute (maybe plaid) top to go with I will buy.
    I am most sad to hear the shop will be closing. I am an “out of towner”
    but Jill’s boutique was always a special visit.
    I am wondering what creative venture Jill will do next.
    Wishing her all the best!!!
    Cell Phone: 404-512-1928

  3. Amy Edgar says:

    Hey Jill,

    I used to leave on 9th street back in the 1990s and loved shopping at your store. I still have one of your jackets (pea green with 3/4 length sleeves) and a grey zip-up vest. I gave one of your jackets away to a girlfriend (a long jacket in some beautiful sheeny wool in a sort of sea blue/green. I regret it sometimes, but it really didn’t fit me right and she is one of the most fashionable women I know and looked just AWESOME in it, so I guess I did the right thing.

    Happy trails…..!

    Amy Edgar (P.S. in case you know her, because she also lived on 9th street for some time, I gave the jacket to Roberta Brangam).

    All the best

  4. Mary Houston says:

    Dear Jill, Have you ever opened an online shop…I had moved out of town. We had a major financial collapse but I was thinking of coming into town to visit and surely come to your store. I just found out today you were gone…I tell everyone about your wonderful clothes. With love, Mary

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