A Final Post

Please continue to leave your thoughts on the blog;

this support is so overwhelming and I will always treasure you,
my client family.

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PS:  If anyone took photos at our store celebration on November 16th, please send them to ari.alizio@gmail.com!  We would love to feature them here on our blog, and to cherish the final images of our 331 East 9th Street location.



Dearest friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we must share this news.

All our love,
Jill Anderson Boutique





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184 Responses to A Final Post

  1. sandeee says:

    I can’t even speak.

    • Nancy says:

      Dear Jill,
      I will miss you, your lovely team and your store chock full of treasure! Please let us know how we can stay in touch with you(facebook page,tumblr, etc.).
      Your pieces have a special place in my wardrobe and my heart.
      Best of luck in your next chapter.
      Nancy Gendimenico

    • barbara horn says:

      Dear Jill,
      I will miss both your clothes (of which I have enjoyed many) and seeing you and your dog on the streets of our neighborhood. Please continue as your creative self, and please stay in touch with your concerned patrons. Much good luck.
      Barbara Horn

  2. Vicki says:

    Nooooooo! I hope only the best for you
    but I will miss your place!

    • Saber says:

      You will be missed. When I go to NY to shop, my experience just got a lot less enjoyable. I wish you well in all future endeavors and I cherish the designs of yours that I own.

  3. Kelly Doe says:

    Terrible news!
    Anything we can do about this?
    Organize and fundraise?
    Jill we love your irreplaceable vision.

  4. Anne Watkins says:

    oh Jill! This is such hard news. I understand the struggles of making work by hand. But rents and living wages in NYC are additional factors that must have proved too hard to carry in your generous and caring creative hands. Thank you for all you have given us. All straight from your huge heart and deliciously inventive and fresh design mind. We sing and swing in your clothes, always. Let us know where your next perch is so we can find and follow your evolution. It is bound to be fine! Transformation only comes through ducking into difficult tunnels and facing fears. You have everything it takes to make something marvelous. I look forward to seeing it! with tons of love and gratitude, Anne

  5. Rita Mattioli says:

    Thank you for the beautiful dress you made for me. It was a stunning Mother Of The Groom Dress. I felt like a high stepping lady donning it. I am very sad to hear that you are closing up shop.

  6. Vanessa says:

    So sad to hear this. Jill Anderson was among the first really high quality items I bought myself when I was in my mid 20′s going to Grad school and working in NYC. I still have my coat which is floral. I wore it today actually. I love it so much. As well black jacket that fits me mostly well after having children. I have a wool dress which I wear on interveiws. It is business like yet funky so I never feel like I am nothing but ME even in an interview.

    Visiting your store has always been a treat for me when ever I come home to visit NYC and family. Be well and good luck on this next chapter. xo

    • I receive this news while wearing one of my many purchases from Jill’s glorious boutique. This store has been both a resource and a friend to me. (They even named a jacket after my band!) I was so honored to be asked to perform at an anniversary show a few years back and then received the warmest and most perceptive thank you note I’ve ever seen, from Jill. I have it framed still and it sits with me every day. What a special creation, this store, these clothes, this woman. I hope we see you soon somewhere.

  7. Oh Dear Jill, I am so sad, your clothes have been a staple in my wardrobe. Please keep in touch with me and let me know where you will be and if you will be designing. Much love to you. Dana

  8. Ellis Avery says:

    I’m flabbergasted. And so sad. Jill, you’ve dressed me so well for so many years; I rave about you to everyone I know. I can’t imagine the East Village– and, indeed, my life– without the joy your clothes and buoyant spirit have offered me all these years. I don’t know why you have to close the shop, but I hope and pray good things lie ahead for you– no one deserves it more! And if you keep designing clothes, I hope you’ll keep all of us on your mailing list apprised of where we can get our Jill fix next!



  9. Jenni Wolfson says:

    Oh Jill! I’m so sad to read this news. All my amazing clothes are from you and have been for the 13 years I’ve been in NY. You are such a talented designer, a warm hearted woman and a savvy businesswoman. Thank you for making me look so good and I know I will continue to wear your clothes for years to come. Best of luck in your next adventure. Love Jenni

  10. Joan Richardson says:

    Oh no!!!!

    Will there be an on-line site/access?

    Desperate Joan

  11. Evelyn says:

    Dear Jill,
    I will be coming by with a very heavy heart on Saturday. As you know, my sister Elaine Miller lived in the storefront apartment that became your store in the eighties. Elaine ate at Veselka and bought my oldest son his first toy at Dinosaur Hill. When she died in 1998, I made a pilgrimage from the suburbs to see what became of her old apartment, where I had spent hours. I lived on Fifth Avenue and 9th and it was a short walk to her apartment. I was so pleased to see that her apartment was your beautiful store- and immediately bought a pair of your black tuxedo pants. Over the years I bought a few things every year, and sometimes visited the store on Elaine’s birthday. I am glad to say that I wore your clothes to the weddings of my oldest and middle sons. I know that Elaine would have loved the clothes and your store- a place where women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and pursuits could find something beautiful and unique to wear. I hope you will continue making beautiful things in another location. Nineth Street will lose a good part of its spirit and uniqueness when you are gone.
    Love and blessings from Evelyn

  12. sarah valente says:

    This breaks my heart. I own five parachute skirts in various lengths and colors and one amazing Red Hot parachute dress. Some of my wildest, happiest, sexiest, extraordinary moments have taken place as a Jill Anderson design swirled around me. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Loreen says:

    Oh no! There goes the neighborhood!! My fondest memory was wearing one of your dresses for my 20/20 “Single in the City” interview in ’05! So sorry to hear you’re going. That gives me a heavy heart, too. Godspeed…

  14. Victoria says:

    This is the worst news ever.
    Your clothes are so timeless.
    Will you wholesale?

  15. Jennifer Gurley says:

    Oh my heavens, I am so sorry and I hope that you are moving on to something even better for you. I am getting a train ticket right now to come down to NYC this weekend. Will you be open ON Sunday, Nov. 17? Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and caring designer and woman all these years to so many of us– even though most of us do not know you all that well (I am your fan in Syracuse, New York).
    All very best, Jennifer Gurley

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you so much for your message. We will indeed be open ON Nov. 17– that is our final day of business!

      With gratitude,
      Jill and the team.

  16. Kim says:

    Hi Jill- your beautiful shop will be very much missed, a definite
    oasis of beauty in the meighborhood. Will comtinue
    to wear the lovely things I bought and wish you
    All the best.

  17. Eda Roth says:

    Dera Jill,
    I will so miss your being on 9th St. I will miss the opportunity to come by when I am in New Y0rk from Boston, to appreciate your creativity and buy your creations. I am grateful that I have a number of widow dresses, raw silk ruched dresses in various
    lengths and pants with skirts ( before anyone else did it)

    I wish you all the best and may you flourish in whatever is next.

    With much love and appreciation.

    Eda Roth

  18. BD Dworkin says:

    Wow, Jill. I’ve been a customer since you began.
    Thank you for creating beautiful and enduring pieces.
    I continue to enjoy and wear JA early pieces.
    Your “green” program was first of it’s kind.
    “Anicha” is a Pali word meaning, “The only thing that we can be certain of is change”.
    Wishing you so well,

  19. Ba says:

    heavy heart back.
    saddest news as I adore you and the beauty you bring to our lives..
    will stop by..xox

  20. Donna Benton says:

    I stopped in your shop last summer!
    The sweet lady at obscura shared your name with me when I inquired about her beautiful dresses… so around the corner we went. I tried on the black Italian widdow dress and it fit me beautifully!! I wish I would have purchased it then!!! Do you have a black medium available? Thank you and I wish you well in your future endeavors!!

  21. Linda Young says:

    I am heart broken to hear that you will close shop!
    I love your clothes!


  22. Jane Avrich says:

    I had no idea! I am heartbroken! This is my favorite store in the city! I have been shopping here for over a decade and my enormous closet is chock-full of your blouses, coats, jackets, pants, slips, sweaters, skirts and dresses-Tinkerbell dresses and Audrey dresses and parachute dresses and more and more dresses that I’ve worn and continue to wear through the years. What will I and countless other women do without you?

    Thank you so much for all the joy and delight you’ve brought! But is there any last-ditch effort that can be made to save the store? Or set up elsewhere? Please let me know!

    Much love,

  23. Andrea Andreassen says:

    Hi there,

    I bought the Audrey dress when I was in New York this summer, and would love to buy the pattern from you! I sew and would really love to try to make this dress myself!

    Thanks, Andrea

  24. AC says:

    My friends and I area all such great fans and are very sad you’re closing, but we’re hopeful it leads to the next wonderful phase of your life :) XOXO

  25. x says:

    We love you, Jill.

  26. aimee hedman says:

    I am sorry to hear you are closing, I only saw one of your skirts today, I think you have come so far, such beautiful hemlines and creations, are you sure its time?? I hope to swing by the store tomorrow to see the awesome clothing for myself!

  27. Linda W says:

    Best wishes from Toronto Canada but oh why? Will there be a continued Jill Anderson website or store somewhere else?

  28. Katherine says:

    I am so sad! My whole tenure in the EV has been colored by Jill, her wares, her shop, and sales staff. Will this still be home without you?

  29. laurie n says:

    Jill, I have loved you and your talent for over a decade. I admire you, appreciate you, and I am heartbroken that when people ask me where I got my dress, I will now have to answer, “My friend Jill, but….” However, I am confident that a woman who made her way in the world will triumph over new things, have awesome experiences and will rock the future just like she rocked the past. You have no idea how much of a role you have played in my life. I am proud to wear your clothes, and I am proud to call you my friend. Onward to your next chapter; I have no doubt it will be a delightful one.
    Much love, laurie

  30. Katie says:

    Jill – I have been admiring your work since 2000. You sparked my imagination and made clothes that fit beautifully. I will miss you!
    Katie Starr

  31. Pamela Todorovich says:

    My first dress was purchased years ago when I happened upon your shop while visiting from St Louis. Then last year I needed a dress as the mother of the bride and I could not remember where your shop was. My sister googled “silk dress shop, east village” on her iPhone and we found you again and you made me a gorgeous dress!
    Thank you, best wishes,


  32. Fran blake says:

    We were so sad to hear you’re closing your wonderful store. I’ve
    enjoyed shopping there since you first opened & have enjoyed
    you, Jill! Please keep in touch & let us know where you
    land & what you’re doing.
    I’ll try to come in this week.
    Fran & Bob

  33. ML Cox Awanohara says:

    Say it ain’t so! As a fellow E 9th St resident, I can’t bear to see you go! :(

  34. Emily Cohen says:

    I’m shocked and so upset. I hope that all is well with health and life, and so sorry tha the economy is not supporting you. I can’t imagine where I will get clothes I can love as much as a dress from you. I will be there soon!

  35. Ann says:

    I am absolutely devastated at the news of Jill’s shop closing. She is a divinely inspired designer and I simply cannot even articulate how much her clothes and her shop have meant to me over the years. Please please please let us know if she will continue to design and sell her wares via another venue. I am just so sad. All the best to Jill and her fabulous staff, always. I will continue to wear her timeless, indestructible pieces with pride and enthusiasm.

  36. Rachel M says:

    Super sad to hear this. I’ve been a customer for 18 years and love love love my simple black shift dress with two pockets. It is perfect. I hope that you will launch an online venture and enjoy life. Much love.

  37. Patricia Sullivan says:

    Oh no!
    You are the maker of such beautifully crafted original clothing. I own several of your dresses and a parachute skirt I adore. I was planning to buy an outfit before Thanksgiving.
    I don’t know why you are shutting your shop, but I suspect it is the high cost of doing business. I hope you are not sick or anything like that.
    If you will be making clothes in some way please put me on your list.
    I think it is a shame what is happening to New York.
    Much love for the work you have created!

  38. Gina says:

    This is tragic. Really.
    Please please let us know that we will still be able to purchase your incredible clothes somewhere, sometime…
    Thank you for making the East Village so special — the place I’d run to upon arriving in NYC.

  39. Saralynne Lowrey Precht says:

    Oh Jill!!! I am so sorry to hear this news. I was recently in NYC for a quick weekend and while visiting the neighb with x, stopped by your place. Unfortunately it was too early in the day and we missed you. Of course I fell in love with the red plaid ensemble in the window. I have loved everything I ever bought from you. You are a most gifted designer and a strong, bright light. Please let me know what your next move is….was going to ask if you do wholesale as I’m cooking up a plan for a shop in LA and you’d be PERFECT!!! More gurlie adventures tk for all. xoxox

  40. Cathie Delaney ( sister of Jill Anderson in Sydney Australia) says:

    Dear Jill and Team, my sister Jill and I have been admirers since she discovered her namesake in NY. I will always remember my joy on opening the box containing my cobalt blue parachute skirt…which had travelled so many miles to Sydney Australia!
    My next trip to NY is on December 2, so I will miss saying goodbye personally by just two weeks.
    Good luck in your future endeavours and may your creativity keep flowing.


  41. Suzannah says:

    oh no…..your shop was one of the reasons we moved to new york — how will I survive without skirt pants!!!

  42. Cecellia says:

    I live in Tallahassee, FL. I visit your shop whenever I go up to NYC. Unfortunately I’ll miss your last day by one week – I arrive the 23rd. I always feel so special when I wear my JA silk widow dress. What a loss for the East Village and all of us. Best of luck to you!

  43. Heather says:

    I am so sad to hear this!! Like someone who posted above, I bought my first “good” dress from you to where on my first day of teaching when I was a grad student living around the corner from your lovely shop. I got married in one of your dresses and I pull them out whenever I want to look my best and feel great.

    I won’t be able to get to NYC before you close, but I will miss your shop very much!

    Best wishes!

  44. Catherine says:

    Oh, no! Your store was a recent discovery for me, and I’ve already bought three dresses, and was looking forward to being a long-term customer. So very sorry to hear this. I’ll miss your adorable dog, too.

  45. Jodi Miller says:

    Move to Nashville! Up and coming creative fashion community and rents are affordable! Really, look us up! I’m from MN and it’s fantastic here. It’s snowing right now!! Come To Nashville and thrive.

  46. Charlene says:

    I’m heartbroken. When I first moved to NYC, I bought a dress at your shop and felt oh-so-New York. Since then, I’ve gotten many more beautiful items. I’m so sorry that your shop won’t be around. (I’ve since left NYC – any chance the sale will be online?)

  47. Lynn says:

    Dear Jill,
    I am devastated and heartbroken over this news. Your clothing has played a such huge role in shaping my style. I have been a fan since your store opened and my closet is bulging with your creations. Every special occasion( and even not so special ones) would warrant a visit for a new piece. From skirt/pants, Italian widow dresses, Hepburns and more, each piece I have is cherished. It is my hope that although your storefront will close, you will somehow manage to bring your creativity and talent back. I will stop in within the next few days. Wishing you all the best, whatever comes next.

  48. Leah Dilworth says:

    Jill–I’m shocked and so sad about this news. I remember the first time I walked into the shop, shortly after you opened, and realized that you were making timeless clothes for real women, beautifully cut, exquisitely finished, and always with a sense of playful wit. Back then I was broke, but splurged on a black Italian widow’s dress, which I still wear. In 1997 you made my wedding outfit, a long brocade jacket over a shimmery “Hepburn” shift. We took the train uptown and went into what seemed like every fabric store in the garment district to collect swatches and trimmings for it. The result was elegant and fun and suited me to right down to the ground. (I was overjoyed when you requested the dress for your 10th Anniversary show.) Over the years I’ve continued to wear every dress, jacket, skirt, and top I ever bought from your store, which I’ve always thought of as an oasis of fashion sanity. And every time I put on one of your pieces, I literally feel the thought and craft that went into it. These amazing clothes are the result of not only your genius and original vision but also the respect you have for your workers and their skills. You will be sorely missed.

  49. Mimi says:

    Oh no! I love and wear all the pieces I bought from you. And recently developed a storytelling bit that I am performing and it’s partly about clothes – I give a shout-out to you and your store. Are you going to be doing wholesale? I hope to get a chance to stop by before you close.

  50. Keri Pickett says:

    Oh Jill!!! What sad news! Your dresses have provided me with an invaluable quality: Assurance. I can rest assured when I put on one of your dresses that I am looking good and feeling good. As a photographer and a filmmaker I love that I can move and work in the clothes… Really the “Italian Widow Dress” has changed my life. I am so so sorry to hear the news. Oh on a selfish note: Why didn’t I get another dress when I was in NYC last month!!!! Thanks for your talent and for being so welcoming to us – your customers. Come back to the midwest! Please let us know what comes next for you. Best, Keri

  51. Dana Martell says:

    Oh my wonderful Jill!!!! This shakes me to the core. You are one of the most talented and brave souls I have ever met. I cherish every piece of “Jill Anderson” in my closet…and I have them from the very beginning!! And all of the wonderful memories of you, your store and adventures to go with them. What will you be doing next? Where? When? Please keep in touch.
    With love and peace, Dana

  52. ileen says:

    For once, words fail me.
    Since we first met, all those years ago, I have been a small, medium, large, extra large and petite!
    Your designs have always made me look and feel good at every size.
    I still have lots of oldies that I have been unable to part with, no matter whether they fit or not.
    I could probably fill every rack in the store to overflowing with my collection. And that would just be the 20 something parachute skirts, dozens of skirt pants, lots of tinkerbells, etc.
    And, I never fail to be complimented when I wear my timeless Jill Anderson creations.
    Thank you for that.
    Mark and I stopped by over the weekend but missed you.
    If I can, I’ll try to stop in on Thursday as I’ll be on my way uptown having stayed over after giving a talk, ironically, on the subject of happiness Wednesday evening.

    Best of the best to the best.

  53. Angeoline says:

    Dear Jill,

    I am in shock! I am sorry this is happening. Your beautiful clothing is amazing and I was very lucky to have had the chance to purchased my wedding dress from you. I had so many complements on my wedding day and I still continue to get complements. I want to wish you all the best.

  54. Johanna McKeon says:

    I said this is an e last night but I’ll say it again. Your clothes help many of us in our professional lives. I have so many widow dresses it’s laughable. I wear them to work. You know I’m a theater director and that’s a man’s world still. Your clothes made me comfortable in that world as a woman. Those dresses were the foundation of my professional wardrobe and it’s it’s only grown to expand around them. I still get compliments on many of your pieces that I’ve owned for years. Can you please just move to Brooklyn???? I hope you’re thinking about it. And if there are folks like me traveling for work this week, can we meet you for an endtimes east village sale and help you clear out this inventory? I’d love to get a few more pieces before you head underground and regroup. Love you. You inspire. –Johanna

  55. sabrina says:

    I had the read this 4 times before I believed it. Lika another poster, Jill Anderson had been my GO TO for hip funky east village garb with a classier vibe when I was in my 20′s. I always went when I wanted to treat myself to something new and unique. Now that I am in my 40′s and a Brooklyn mom, all her pieces are still relevant to me. I had been planning to go in and get some more para skirts and pants! I am so sad. The east village has a lot of great memories for me and your boutique is smack dab in the middle of them.

  56. Wendy says:

    Dear Jill – You will be missed by everyone on your mailing list, and also by those people who aren’t — who simply swing by to find you gone. Please do stay in touch and let us know if you choose to sell online, upstate, or somewhere or somehow else altogether. In any event, wishing you the best in life and any venture you choose to pursue. Best, Wendy

  57. Carol Goodkin says:

    I am filled with many thoughts and memories…One comes to mind of you coming to our apartment after spending the entire day or two refinishing the floor in your New Store. Your credits are extraordinary, starting way before that day. You have; Written your Book, Produced and Directed your Play, Orchestrated your symphony, Danced your Dance. You remain the Brilliant Star of; Determination, Passion, Talent, Creativity and Design. Take a well deserved Bow. I applaud YOU.
    All your talents will lead you to your next performance.
    Love, Carol

  58. Cynthia Weiss Asher says:

    Shocked at the depth of sadness and loss I am experiencing over this news… The specific sentiments and experiences are all captured in previous posts. Clearly you have touched and made a profound positive impact on so many individuals, on the neighborhood, and in the universe of true inspired creativity. Thank you so much… I hope this transition is a blessing for you, and that for our sake your future includes continuing to offer all of us your magnificent, life-altering clothing.

  59. JOR says:

    Any reason why? High rent? Pushed out by landlord? Landlord would rather have a condo, froyo, or bar in there?

    Anyhow, thank you for being a great part of the neighborhood and community. East Village is dead.

  60. holly kenreich says:

    Jill, This is such sad news! I have loved every single piece I have bought from you. My ten year old Urban Gauchos with the Widow’s Dress is still one of my favorite go to ensembles and I hate to think I won’t be able to replace them. ..I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  61. Lynn says:

    For all of you Jill fans – hurry in – I was just there and stock is LOW. There are still several choice pieces left so RUN don’t walk. I scooped up an armful of gorgeous items and that was 2:30. I predict the racks will be cleared by tomorrow. So very very sad.

  62. Nici Dahrendorf says:

    I cannot believe you are closing. You were my one stop in New York every time I passed through. I have worn your clothes all over the world, from Kinshasa to Dili since 2005 – I have accumulated a real collection in between crazy assignments – off to the Philippines tomorrow morning .. BUT I shall think of you, wish I was there for the party on Saturday – and above all I wish you God Speed with everything you do next. You made a lot of women – and a lot of men and women who looked at those women – very happy. I admire and covet what you have done and above all HOW you did it – and I know in my bones that you will continue in some other creative or similar way. With love and fondest memories and thoughts while I swirl my skirts and coats .. (well, maybe not post-Tsunami / Typhoon … xxx

  63. Kelly Flynn says:

    I was just trying to rush out of some boring but important meetings to dash down to try to snap up a dress. Every year, for the past seven, I have produced a big televised event, and each year I wear a different Jill dress. I’m so bummed I didn’t make it in time this year, but I’m thrilled that you received so much support today.

    As many have posted on this blog, I got my first grown-up clothes from you, Jill, and every item is still impeccable. Though not all still fit me, they never lose their place in my closet, while the other pre-baby clothes go the way of the dinosaur.

    I can’t wear a Jill dress, jacket, skirt, or pair of pants/skirt, and not get a compliment. Just this weekend was excited to share your flattering wealth with a good friend. She was so sad when I sent her your email yesterday. And so was I.

    Much love, and great wishes. You will be missed by we funky ladies.


  64. Caroline Herrick says:

    This is such sad news. Three years ago, when I was getting married, I despaired of ever finding the right thing to wear at my wedding. Then I stumbled across your shop and found the perfect dress, one of your parachute silk dresses, in a beautiful celadon green. I liked it so much that I later got another, longer version and have had many, many compliments on it. You and your shop hold a very special place in my heart. I wish you success in all of your future endeavors and am sorry I won’t be able to be there on Saturday to say goodbye in person. I hope you will keep your former customers informed of your whereabouts.

  65. lise says:

    No! Where will I buy clothes? And I haven’t recovered from the loss of Sacco shoes either–i am so sad I will miss Saturday as well, not back in NY till Sunday. So–my best to you, Jill, and the whole lovely staff. It was always a pleasure to shop with you and I willl miss every aspect of it, not least the lovely clothes that I have lived in for the last 15 years. Please take my little green garb credit and place it towards the next adventure. And let me know if that will include any opportunity of having more of your clothes.

  66. Jesse says:

    For the first time in a long time, I am sad to have left NYC several years ago! I was wearing one of your skirts today and thinking I should get down there to see what’s new. I probably wear an Italian Widow dress every week, and am devastated to think what is in my closet today is all I will ever have!

    Thanks for all you do, Jill!

  67. Lori says:

    Jill, This is so sad. You have been a part of my (wardrobe) life for nearly 10 years now and you will be missed! I hope that we can see some designs by you in the future.

  68. Jennifer says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! I will be forever grateful for the most perfect wedding dress I found in your store just a couple of weeks before the wedding. I just took it for granted that you would always be there with your amazing clothes! Wishing you the best in your next chapter. I think you are the most brilliant designer ever.

  69. Karen (Keys) Edland says:

    She…by Kobi Yamada

    She must be something special. She is. Celebrate her.
    She loved life and it loved her back. Celebrate her passion.
    She listened to her heart above all other voices. Celebrate her wisdom.
    She pursued big dreams instead of small realities. Celebrate her priorities.
    She saw every ending as a new beginning. Celebrate her resiliency.
    She discovered her real measurements had nothing to do with numbers or statistics. Celebrate her self-esteem.
    She was kind, loving and patient…with herself. Celebrate her tenderness.
    She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses. Celebrate her accountability.
    She realized that she was missing a great deal by being sensible. Celebrate her spirit.
    She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans. Celebrate her goals.
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    She had a way of turning obstacles into opportunities. Celebrate her magic.
    She went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered she could fly. Celebrate her faith.
    She discovered she was the one she’d been waiting for. Celebrate her self-reliance.
    She added so much beauty to being human. Celebrate her presence.
    She walked in when everyone else walked out. Celebrate her friendship.
    She just has this way of brightening the day. Celebrate her radiance.
    She made the whole world feel like home. Celebrate her warmth.
    She decided to enjoy more and endure less. Celebrate her choices.
    She decided to start living the life she’d imagined. Celebrate her freedom.
    She colored her thoughts with only the brightest hues. Celebrate her optimism.
    She was an artist and her life was her canvas. Celebrate her brilliance.
    She ran ahead where there were no paths. Celebrate her bravery.
    She crossed borders recklessly, refusing to recognize limits, saying bonjour and buon giorno as though she owned both France and Italy and the day itself. Celebrate her joie de vivre.
    She held her head high and looked the world straight in the eye. Celebrate her strength.
    She not only saw a light at the end of the tunnel she became that light for others. Celebrate her compassion.
    She designed a life she loved. Celebrate her joy.
    She took the leap and built her wings on the way down. Celebrate her daring.
    She said bye-bye to unhealthy relationships. Celebrate her happiness.
    She remained true to herself. Celebrate her authenticity.
    She made the world a better place. Celebrate her.

  70. Ellen says:

    At last count I have bought 2 jackets, 2 skirts, and (at least!?!) 18 dresses at your store. When I first started shopping there, I was a curvy size 14 and DREADED clothes shopping because nothing flattered my big hips. At best, an expensive dress might effectively hide my shape. Imagine my excitement then when I tried on my first Jill dress which not only suited my shape but had a big ol’ bustle on it, like an arrow pointing to my rear! I have never received so many compliments on an article of clothing. That experience totally changed the way I thought about my shape.

    Since then, I have worn a Jill item to nearly every important event in my life: my sister’s wedding, numerous Christmas parties and job interviews, my first date with my husband, and finally our wedding last year. I have come to think of your style as my personal style, though of course it is not. It’s just a style that suits me. Even now that I am several sizes smaller, the dresses are equally flattering. I do still hang on to that first big-booty-bustle dress because if I am ever that size again, I will have something to wear that makes me feel just perfect.

    I wish I could stop by the store to thank you in person, but I live in San Francisco now. But thank you for years of making lighthearted clothes for real, grown women’s bodies. Please keep us all posted about where you land next.

  71. Fran blake says:

    Is there anyway to see you if Saturday is not possible.
    I want to say goodbye & I’m not sure if I’ll be in the city
    before the party ends. Perhaps, there are others in
    similar situations

  72. Limarie Cabrera says:

    I’m so utterly shocked by this. Your clothes were my wardrobe foundation and salvation. Each dress had a story of its own. May your present and future continue to be filled with life and love. -Lim

  73. x baczewska says:

    —personal motto of X Baczewska

    When I first walked into Jill Anderson’s store on her opening day 18+ years ago, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven’s Closet.

    And when I met Jill Anderson herself, I could tell I’d met a force to be reckoned with.

    Jill is a one-woman dynamo with a heart of gold—ingenious, perfectionist, and tirelessly creative, with the perseverance of the Energizer Bunny. She’s one of my heroines and my friend.

    Design, fabric, sewing, style, interior design, retail, upholstery, warm heartedness, carpentry, dog wrangling, good humour, friendship—whatever the venture—Jill just does it right.

    Jill’s store was not only THE place for great shopping, but over the last 2 decades it became an East Village spot for people, especially women, to meet and gather. I have met many women whom I now call friends playing dress-up in that warm welcoming shop. I will miss her and the mini-world she created.

    But whatever the future, Jill will extend her genius to embrace it.

    Much love to you, Jill.


  74. Jill,
    I’m heartbroken and I feel lots of love for you during this tough time. Something good will soon follow because you are such a talented person.You are the best!
    I’ll see you Saturday.

  75. Christiane says:

    I am so sad. Jill’s gauchos and Italian Widows have anchored my wardrobe for years. The only designer I’ve ever known on a first-name basis and my overwhelming favorite, she always seemed to be designing clothes just for me. Happy trails Jill!

  76. Lora says:

    Jill, I am so sad to hear you’re closing. I will miss you… E 9th St will never be the same for me without you there. Now I can only hope I will get another email from you in the not-so-distant future, and it will say: JilL AnDerSon Opening! Until then…
    Best of everything,
    PS The Parachute Dress I wore to my son’s wedding is the most beautiful dress I have ever owned!

  77. renee gellatly says:


    I love that your creations will continue to adventure through the wonders of New York City and beyond. Each piece has a magic that inspires my every footstep and is taken in with such admiration. Thank you so very much for sharing your style and creativity with all of us. I have been so honored to know the charm and warmth of your little nook on 9th. I will truly miss you and wish you open avenues for all that awaits you.

  78. Jody Henenfeld says:

    What a sad loss for all of us who wear your clothes–and for the people who have to look at us. Yes, your clothing lasts forever and never looks dated but please, we still need new pieces. Your shop is a joy and a respite and will be missed. Please do update us so we can follow where you go.

  79. Phyllis Lamhut says:

    Dear Jill,
    I will miss you and your wonderful designs. Will you make clothes for private clients in the future?
    Stay well and much love. We have had many years together.


  80. Emily Cohen says:

    Today I shopped for the last time at your store. I love the pieces I bought and still can’t believe that there will probably be no more. Not everything you made suits me, but the stuff that does = priceless :-) I will cherish and wear them always. The designs are unique, the detailing is beautiful- something for you to be so proud of in these days of outsourcing. Thank you for the lovely discount you once gave me on my birthday, for having the outfit I wore to my son’s wedding, and for being a great and open person as well as a super designer. I’m going on and on, I know. When I wear your dresses I’m both comfortable and chic and I love knowing I won’t see myself coming and going. And when I do see a Jill Anderson on the subway, we bond on that.
    See you Saturday for wine and more hugs.
    xo Emily
    PS If the woman who turned me on to Jill is reading the blog THANKS!

  81. Emily Cohen says:

    last post! and i wish i had been wealthier and been able to get more more more. thanks again!

  82. Charlie says:


    I love your clothes, the precision of your designs, flawless. I have multiple widow dresses that are my go to’s even with a closet of many choices and a stunning black jacket that I pair with everything. I’ve gifted friends your amazing designs. Thus, my heart is saddened that your shop will no longer be a staple in my visits to the east village. I pray for many blessings, pressed down running over for you and your precious designing hands. May only beauty and abundance lie ahead for you. Please keep me aware of where you land. xoxo Charlie

  83. Susan says:

    Oh Jill, what an amazing ( and well-deserved) outpouring from some of those you have inspired! You are a true artist and have transformed so many people’s lives with your sense of beauty and whimsy and your extraordinary ability to create for the female form. The scenes I witnessed when i walked into the shop today were a testament to the position you hold in this city: customers desperate to grab a precious Jill creation and at the same time everyone looking shell-shocked at the prospect of 9th street without you. We love and admire you.

    • Anne-Lise says:

      I have so loved your dresses! In fact for close to two decades now in the course of which I’ve acquired half-a-dozen widow’s dresses in different fabrics and colors, you have defined what a dress means for me! I’m speechless with sadness at this news. You are an extraordinarily talented artist, and you’ve brought so much beauty into our lives–we will always be grateful. I hope that you find a way to continue to make clothes.

  84. Susan Noel says:

    Oh Dear Jill & staff,

    I’ve been a devoted client since you first opened, and shopping in your store was always like entering a beautiful world — the world the way it should be. You’re a true artist, but also someone who is gifted with knowing just what to say to give someone a lift. That’s an art too. I have many of your pieces (which never go “out of style”!), but favorite is a jacket/skirt combo that looks like a futuristic 1890s secretary going to a ball — I bought it because I was mad at my husband, and it’s always been his favorite! Your clothes unite whimsy and elegance with timeless flair, and there’s nobody like you. Please say that you’re going to keep designing. This world just keeps getting harder and harder, and art of any kind gets more fragile — but we can all keep each other going. That’s what beauty like yours is all about. See you Saturday.
    much love,
    Susan Noel

  85. Mary says:

    Ah dear Jill, may your fire continue to burn bright. You are wonderfully talented and original and have brought so much beauty and joy! to this little island. Thank you, thank you and full heart bow. But damn, this is bad sad news. The EVofA will never be the same …. the end of an era. What a huge loss to our bodies and souls and funky E. 9th Street. I’m so sad to see you go.

  86. Just want to say that for years the pieces of yours I own have been reliable standbys of my wardrobe – clothes I know I can just throw on and look professional, funky and attractive in. I am just horrified that it wasn’t possible for you to keep your shop. I guess the rents in the East Village must be skyrocketing. I very much hope that you will find another (cheaper) location in the city (Brooklyn?) to set up shop, and the same ladies who found their way to you when the EV was just starting to be trendy will come find you in Bushwick or Bed Stuy or wherever the new cutting-edge place turns out to be. At the very least, I would imagine you would be able to sell a whole bunch of Italian widow dresses and other easy-to-fit cuts on Etsy. Saks should be selling your work! I wish I were in a position to make that happen. Meanwhile I hope that, whatever the next incarnation of your shop or career is, it puts you in a good place.

  87. Emily Hunt says:

    Very, very sad to hear this news!

    Please do consider making your patterns available. We need them!!

  88. Maude Boylan says:

    The most beautiful clothes I own, are designed by you. Your store has always been a place of joy and creativity. I’m stopped by other devotees on the street when I wear one of your designs and complimented. When I was young and broke, you worked with me and let me purchase items on lay away which allowed me to build my wardrobe and go to auditions with my head held high. We love you and this is a great loss. Love, Maude

  89. Kristy says:

    Years ago when I had just moved to New York and was working at a publishing company in nearby Union Square, I became fast friends with co-worker, Sarah – who often wore a beautiful pink floral dress to work – explaining to me in one of our first conversations that she had gotten it at a store in North Carolina for her graduation. And it wasn’t any ordinary dress – it was impeccably made and fit as if it had been made for her – an elegant, 1940s-looking gem — inside seams encased in beautiful trim w French seaming. And one day at lunch she said, c’mon K – we’re going to Jill Anderson and I’ll show you the designer who made this incredible dress.

    I still remember going into the store for the first time and the first dress I tried on there with Sarah – it was a beautiful pink silk with lace detailing and I didn’t buy it (an enduring regret!) because I worried about the money and Sarah said – here’s the thing: You can go buy three or four one-season-wonders at H & M or you can buy a Jill and have it forever. And she was right. I still wear the first dress I bought there soon after – which was over ten years ago now – and it still looks perfect – as do the over 40 pieces that followed. To wear a Jill dress – or jacket or pants or skirt – is to automatically know that you’re going to feel good. The movement of the pieces, the incredible fabric choices – the perfect fit – the clothes have been such a presence in my New York experiences and my life here – they’ve been with me for job interviews for dinners and countless special events – it’s always only Jill.

    I admire you so much, Jill – your artistry and the goodness that your exquisitely elegant sensibility has brought to my life, can never be understated. You’ve inspired me tremendously and have been a rare example of what high standards are – what it means to hand craft something with care and bring joy to others and make them feel good. My hope is that even a small part of that comes back to you in spades and I thank you with my whole heart.

  90. Tayari Jones says:

    Dear Jill–
    Ever since I saw the yellow Adina dress in the window, I’ve been hooked. Your designs are so beautiful, versatile, and fun. In this era of disposable fashion, you offered gorgeous, timely, lovingly constructed garments meant to last. I’ll miss you and your store so much and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  91. Tara says:


    I sent this also in an email to you right after I got the news, but also wanted to share it here with all the rest of the JA sisterhood.


    I am kind of in shock and my heart goes out to you. I am forever grateful for you and for how you obviously put your heart and soul into your artistry. That love just radiates from your little shop. Your customers all love your work for sure, but for any of us that got to know you even a little bit, well, we all just adore you and your gigantic, generous spirit.

    My friend and I have come into your shop once a year for the past ten years when we visit NY and I have come to equate you and your spirited shop with the beauty of the city itself. I can’t adequately express how you have impressed me and touched my heart and soul with your dedication and devotion to a real soul endeavor. It was always clear to me that the Jill Anderson shop is so much more than just a business.

    If there is anything I can do to support you going forward in any way, please let me know. Let all of us know.

    And yes of course, I will be happy to shop your sale – although sadly it will have to be online…I wish I could come to New York to see you all off and say farewell to what has really been an era of fabulous fashion.

    Wishing you the best in everything going forward.

    Much love,


  92. julia reich says:

    I can’t believe you’re closing. My favorite NYC clothing store for 15 years – I own so many JA pieces and there were so many more I wanted to own. It’s a bit of an obsession, really. I don’t know the backstory of why you are closing – maybe there’s a blog post I missed – but I wish you all the best – I hope there is another chapter I don’t yet know about? – and just want you to know how happy I am to wear your clothes, every time I put something on. You will be missed.

  93. L.C. says:

    Dear Jill,

    I’m so sorry to see you go! Some of my all-time favorite dresses are yours. In 2007 I bought a gray wool jumper with orange seams and it was the dress I always wanted but never knew could exist. I also have a green sheath dress with gold threading and get compliments on it all the time.

    Best of luck to you. My wardrobe just won’t be the same without you!

    Warm wishes,

  94. Addy Smith-Reiman says:

    Oh, Jill – I’m heartbroken. I have grown up with you – from my first few dresses while in undergrad, my first gala, my wedding, awards, presentations – you’ve always ‘had my back’. I refer to your dresses as my girls (even ca. 1996!) – and I love every one of them – even if my waistline doesn’t…

    This is a new chapter for all of us, isn’t it!

    You will be missed, madly – you are AMAZING.

    Sending all my love,

  95. peter says:

    I have just returned from England and had no
    idea that this was about to happen. True, I have
    never worn your cloths but have been inspired by
    their magic over and over during the past years.

    I will miss our serendipitous street meeting and
    scratching Fletcher’s ears. You know where
    to reach me if you need a chat.

    love to you.

  96. Beverly says:

    I was so sad to hear that you’re closing up shop! I wish you all the best in your next endeavor.

    I’m a new customer. Earlier this fall I stumbled into your shop & I purchased a black crinkly silk Italian widow dress. It was the last one in stock – someone else had put it on hold, but didn’t pick it up on time. You peeked out from the back of the shop while I was wearing the dress and said, “That dress was made for you.” Yes!! Not only is it my favorite dress – it’s like my own personal uniform. I would happily replace all the mediocre outfits in my closet with Italian widow dresses in different colors and fabrics.

    As an artist I’ve always had trouble finding clothes – everything is too corporate or too juvenile or too trendy. Your designs are just right. Hopefully you will continue to make your gorgeous clothes & sell them online or at another location. Please let your customers know where you end up.

  97. Limarie Cabrera says:

    I’m so utterly shocked by this. Your clothes were my wardrobe foundation and salvation. Each dress had a story of its own. May your present and future continue to be filled with life and love.

  98. rebecca n says:

    I am so sorry you are closing shop. I hope that you and the transgressed and saleswoman will be okay in this economy.

    I am wearing your sailor pants today, and I thank you for your wonderful, practical, creative designs. I acquired my first piece in 2006: I needed an evening dress with pockets for an awards gala. I have worn this and two others to many personally and professionally significant events. Your clothes make me (a t shirt, black jeans, and thrift shop suits type) think it’s possible to wear a dress without turning into a human Barbie doll. And I thank you for fixing the 2006 dress this summer.

    More importantly, your fair labor practices deserve celebration and emulation. Mass produced clothes are made in shops of horror. The deaths in the Bangladeshi factory testify to this truth. When I wear your clothes I know they are not metaphorically dyed with blood.

    I hope to hear about your next venture. In the meantime I will take good care of my little collection.

  99. rebecca n says:

    Above I meant seamstresses, not transgressed. Sorry. (Autocorrect)

  100. Mae says:

    So sad! The *best* shop on 9th Street EVA. I’ve been wearing Jill for years… many widow dresses etc etc. I wore the parachute dress to my son’s wedding. Last year Jill took in my fave jacket, which had become too big for me. I will continue wearing all with love. I’m sorry I won’t be in the city to give you a hug on Saturday. I wish you all the best.

  101. Erica says:

    Jill, you set a standard for design, quality, and customer service that just can’t be beat. Each garment is a work of art, inside as well as outside. No matter how often I wear your pieces, they always feel fresh and inspiring. Without your wonderful style and welcoming shop, East Ninth Street is greatly diminished. All good wishes for success in your next venture!

  102. Lisa E. Harris, Ph.D. says:

    Dearest Jill,

    Words cannot express the sorrow I feel upon hearing this awful news. As we have discussed together during happier times, your store and work have meant so much to me, both personally and professionally, for so many years that I cannot imagine such an absence. Your designs are chic yet timeless, and the clothes themselves, made locally with care, are so well constructed that they hold up to the abuse of NYC life and continue to elicit compliments. You and your staff have always been so professional – supportive while honest, encouraging without being pushy, and always accommodating. You have helped me define my sense of style with designs that suit me perfectly both in the workplace and at home, and I know that you have a loyal following who feel the same way.

    The loss of Jill Anderson to the EVofA, particularly East 9th Street, is tremendous. It is my sincere hope and prayer that you will be able to establish yourself elsewhere nearby, at least somewhere here in NYC, so that your talents can still be expressed and your vision not dimmed. In other words…..We Love and Need You!!! Please know you have my support and if there is any way that we, your clients and fans, can help, all you have to do is ask.

    With love, affection and respect,

  103. Joe Lapinski says:

    Dear Jill,
    Thanks, from Andrea and I, for the clothes … and the memories.

    Best wishes,


  104. Jill Anderson says:

    From one Jill Anderson to another: I will miss having a NYC (EVA) namesake boutique! I enjoyed shopping there when I visited NYC from my home near Milwaukee and I love my “private label” purchases…Hope to hear that you are back in business soon. Jill Anderson is a great name!

  105. Joan says:

    Jill–I wandered into your store for the first time a couple of years ago, and immediately fell in love with your clothes and with the welcoming space you created. I am so happy I have these beautifully made, perfectly fitting dresses that will last forever. I’ll treasure every piece I bought. I’m so sorry you won’t be there on my next trip. Please let us know what happens for you next. Whatever it is, I wish you much happiness.

  106. Marianne Jones says:

    Dear Jill,

    The minute you opened on Tuesday, I rushed to the store and purchased two beautiful dresses and a parachute skirt. I can’t begin to express all your store has meant to me these past 17 years. I probably have over 30 of your dresses purchased over these years, and they are timeless. Everyone who knows me, knows I wear Jill Anderson. Today I wore the new lilac dress, and of course was complimented throughout the day, as are all women when they wear your clothes. It will be very very hard to walk down 9th street now.

    I am incredibly sad but thank you for all you have given me.

  107. Meredith Z says:

    Though this closing crushes my heart to bits and pieces leaving me speechless and standing in my room just staring at the wall, all these posts from all of you around the world with your passionate heartfelt outpouring of love for the extraordinary and spectacular Jill and all her incredible creations swells my heart.

    Jill- your dresses and clothes made me (and the thousands of other women around the globe) look and feel beautiful, unique, and very very special. Just like you are.

    I too feel like my Jills (as I call them) are my uniform and as an artist of somewhat limited means, would scour the green garbs like a starving cat each and every time i came into the city. I could always justify purchasing a ‘Jill’ as I knew i would not only wear it to shreds but it was a garment of quality on every level and every time I would wear it, I would always feel fabulous and, as every where i went people would compliment my dress, could lead them towards your store so they too could experience that feeling (and add beauty to the world).

    I too felt that Jill designed with ‘me’ in mind as every item was so unique and as perfectly as perfect could be. My biggest decision would not be ‘what’ to wear but ‘which’.

    My Jills hang, as they always have, in the most prized part of my closet and are forefront in my life and heart. The are the only items I cannot wait to put on and never want to take off.

    Please let us know what you continue to create. My Jills are an incredibly social bunch and are always looking forward to The Next Big Thing and always need more company.

    I will follow you anywhere.

    Words cannot express how much you and your creations meant and will continue to mean to me.

    I wish you all of the best and send all of my love to you and Mr. Fletcher for your next exciting chapter. And if you do ever open an online store it will be the first thing bookmarked on my computer and I will be checking it more than email.

    Thank you for the many years of majestic dresses and for your shop always being inviting, welcoming and filled with jewels.


  108. Jody says:

    I love your clothes and will treasure the pieces I have even more now. Your clothes are designed for women’s bodies, I never look better than when wearing something that came from your store. Best wishes for everything in your future, and hope you will keep all of your fans (there are many, obviously) in touch with whatever is in your future. And thank you.

  109. Rachel says:

    I have 10 of your dresses, 2 skirts, a pair of jeans with buttons on the cuffs, and a black lace top. I love all of them. I’m going to miss you! Let us know what your next plans are when you can–please please please please please!

  110. Christine says:

    Oh NO! I can’t stand it. I SO love your designs. I absolutely love your clothes and cant stand that you are closing.

    I second the motion – is there anything we can do? If you had a Birchbox like offering I would sign up for a year and have you send me a dress a month, just to keep you going. If you make any return, please save my address and let me know how to find you.

    If it really is all over, then I do want to say that you are indeed an artist. You brought a very unique sensibility, a timeless design, and a fun, sophistication to what you created. Truly NY. Truly original. I felt special in your store and even more special in your designs. They will mean even more to me now.

    May your future be bright, warm and rewarding.

    Thank you,

  111. Janet says:

    Oh, no! So sad! We live in New Zealand and one of the highlights of our regular trips to NYC is a visit to your shop! My gorgeous long golden parachute dress is worn, loved and much admired! Is this the end of your wonderful designs?

  112. Ellen says:

    My heart is full of sadness and thanks for 15 years of beauty – yours and your clothes. I read your mail during a business meeting in Singapore. Only later did I clock what I’d packed for this trip: two Jill dresses and a Jill jacket. As usual. After almost two decades of business travel you have many fans around the world. Let us know what we can do to help re-establish your unique and well loved business . We will miss you terribly until then.

  113. Michele Mayas says:

    You are and will always be one of the most precious and talented people I have ever known. Your designs, clothing and impeccable style reflects what we all recognize about you. That you are a the “Real Deal.” A true original. Jill Anderson you are a Rock Star!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Many blessings and blue skies ahead.
    Go rock on Girl!!

  114. Elizabeth says:

    My dearest Jill and Fletcher-
    This is indeed the end of an era for so many people who have had the pleasure to work, date, parent and live their lives, wrapped in your genius. You have given New York City the heart, soul and unique eye that only you could create and we’ve all looked and felt better for it. I am proud to have been a part of your life and your life’s work and I know in no uncertain terms, that all that giving is going to come right back to you.
    Thank you for being you.
    The best is yet to come.
    xo Elizabeth

  115. Sarah Leonard says:

    I am sad to hear this news. I bought my first suit 19 years ago at Jill’s boutique, and I still wear it today. My wedding dress and all my favorite pieces came from the store — I don’t know what I will do without your wonderful clothes. Thank you, Jill and staff, for all the fun and creative work you have done for years.
    Sarah Leonard

    • Sarah Leonard says:

      Since I see the store has been open 18 years, my suit must then be 18 years old, and I must have bought it when the store first opened (though I didn’t at the time know this)!

      Sarah L.

  116. Amanda Dulkinys says:

    I was so sad to read your email the other day, and am even more sad that I won’t be able to come by before you close this weekend, because I’m out of town for work through Sunday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in or seen you, but you, your store and your clothes have always held a special place in my heart. Your shop was one of the first places I really felt welcome in NYC, and this is a true loss for us… I wish you all the best is whatever your next steps are, and I can’t wait to hear where you land. Be well, and keep us posted.

    Thank you for giving all of us your kindness, beauty and style. Xoxo

  117. Sulema Ebrahim says:

    Like so many others, I feel you are such a fixture in the East Village. I had not known about this happening, busy at work and on the road, but this makes me very sad. So often your clothing allowed for one to have personality in the work world and fun in the real world. And no one does with lace what you do!! I hope you are going on to do something wonderful, but I will miss you and the wonderful styles you have given to us
    all these years.

  118. Adina Klein says:

    It all started with a Hepburn. When I think of all the iconic clothes that Jill has created that have helped me become myself, I start to cry. For 18 years Jill’s clothes have been an integral part in molding me into the adult (for better or worse) that I’ve become.
    I think of the unique bridesmaid dresses she created to suit the personality of each of my ladies, the original acid green parachute dress she made for my mom that she wore to a Tommy Sachs opening -the last event mom attended before she got too sick – where she was followed by celebrities and editors wanting to know who designed her incredible ensemble, making my mother, bald from chemotherapy feel like the most glamorous woman in the room. To the incredibly beautiful and understated suit she made for my mom’s funeral when I called her, too bereft to make into the store, and said “Jill, it’s time” and she had it ready in time for the funeral, to the American Flag skirt I wore daily after 9/11 and was constantly stopped on the street by random New Yorkers , to the silver dress she made for me to celebrate the 25th anniversary issue and my first issue as editor in chief of Vogue Knitting, to the countless Italian Widows, parachute skirts and dresses, and of course the ADINA dress. I am crying as I write this. The boyfriend shirts, the skirt-pants, the a-line alpha skirt, the oxford blazer, the Morrison pants, the viking jacket…the list goes on and on and on. They were more than just clothes. So much more.

    I think about the store, a second home for me for so many years, 18 years. I went there sometimes weekly, if not daily, to sit and find comfort, to laugh to meet other amazing women. It is where we went the Friday after 9/11 to process the end of the city as we knew it. It is where I went to celebrate new boyfriends, to mourn breakups, the trials and tribulations of trying to conceive a child as a single mother. She took time out of her insane schedule to help me put a binding on my very first quilt, to help me sew a tree frog costume for my baby girl.

    I think of all the events she let me be a part of: the fashion shows, the art/poetry event, the impromptu wine o’clocks. Her 40th birthday party at my mom’s house. The incredible dolls she made for my baby shower.

    Jill is truly responsible for my career. Her incredibly beautiful, chic, one of a kind, impeccable, witty clothes helped me define my personal style. She let me feel sexy, smart, stylish and powerful without having to be tall or thin or bare any more skin that I wanted to. People respected me, yes for who I was/am on the inside, but the statements I made wearing Jill Anderson head to toe impressed the people who needed to be impressed and let me feel IMPRESSIVE. Never did I walk out wearing Jill without being asked where I got my dress/skirt/jacket/pants etc. I always carried her business cards with me and handed them out with pride.

    Yes, she often complained of financial troubles over the years, and talked about closing her incredible shop that I consider part of my home that is New York City, but never did I imagine it would actually happen.

    This is a huge loss for me, all her customers, for the fashion industry that constant rips her off, for a bygone New York City where individuality was prized and coveted and embraced and triumphed. It is such a huge, huge loss.

    I will be there today to say goodbye to the Jill Anderson Boutique. But never will I say goodbye to the beautiful, brilliant, wonderful, generous, funny Jill Anderson that has become my close friend, a collaborator, another sister.

    I know Jill, the designer, will be back in some new incredible way we haven’t thought up yet, and I will be first in line to buy her next brilliant creation.
    I love you Jill…


    • x baczewska says:

      Beautifully said, Adina.

      I heartily second your closing statement:
      “I know Jill, the designer, will be back in some new incredible way we haven’t thought up yet, and I will be first in line to buy her next brilliant creation.

      Hear, hear! I guess I’ll just have to be 2nd in line next time.

      All love to our Jill.


  119. Livette says:

    Good luck. I still have and wear most of the clothes I have purchased there over the last 13 years. Please let us know where your journey takes you! You will be missed :) .

  120. Pam Leck says:

    You know, I am 47 years old and there is this word “heteronormative” floating around these days—helpful to me because I want to feel feminine and sexy and strong and smart outside of the awful heteronormative loop and your clothes support me in my journey.
    I may just not buy women’s clothes for awhile. Wearing jill anderson for the next 365 days and beyond!
    Love and appreciate you,

  121. Ariana says:

    I have always loved your clothes and I have worn them at some of the most significant events in my life. You truly have a gift and I hope you continue to use it. The world needs your art, no matter where you create it.

  122. I was at a family funeral in Boston and am just clicking onto this announcement…the last two times I went into the store I said to Jill, “I am so glad you are still here.” Somehow, knowing the NY real estate market, I knew this had to happen, which doesn’t make it any less sad! So glad I got an adorable plaid dress two weeks ago…and a Debbie Harry this summer. Certainly I would have been down to stock up on Monday if I’d known…

    I wish you all the best!! Do let everyone know if you start an online store or anything else that enables you to continue making your wonderful clothes. Your customers will miss you GREATLY. Warm wishes Patricia

  123. Cindy Ruskin says:

    Ai yai yai, there goes the neighborhood! I guess I’ll have to continue to wear my Jill Anderson clothes forever! Good luck with your new adventures.


  124. Sarah says:

    Since getting this sad news I’ve been thinking about all of the pieces, and all of the fabrics, and my friends in them, and our visits to your shop. Thank you for everything. Your lovely shop and its endless supply of beautiful clothing will be very much missed. With gratitude and good wishes for whatever comes next.

  125. Oh Jill :( ! Although we only met once I feel like I know you. As you might remember my Dad, Joe, came in often to purchase a surprise gift for me. My closet is prettier and much more hip because of you! I actually just wore your deep red skirt this weekend. I will miss you and only wish you the best.
    Please let us know what happened…everyone is so sad and curious.
    My best to you Jill. You are an incredible designer.
    Andrea Lapinski

  126. Thank you, Jill! I have a burgundy brocade dress that I bought from your shop years ago that I absolutely treasure. I used to work down the street at P.S. 122, and your shop was one of the places that made me feel I had truly arrived in the New York I had moved her from the Midwest to be a part of. I am sorry to see you close your doors, among so many other casualties of the new era of New York. I will miss your presence in the East Village, and I will continue to wear my dress (which has been with me through ups and downs, and even a pregnancy and beyond) with pride. Thank you.

  127. Evan Michelson says:

    Jill is the best designer I know – her clothing isn’t just something you wear, it’s a way of being in the world. Her creations are classic, timeless, playful, feminine, romantic, serious, beautiful, quirky and fiercely independent. She helped to define my life and was a constant source of inspiration and joy.

    That shop was the warm, beating heart of the East Village for me and so many other women; it is irreplaceable.

    Whatever comes next, we’ll be there for you.

  128. Diana Pittet says:

    What sadness! You were one of the few places where I bought clothes, and I treasure and still wear every single one of the outfits that I bought from you over the years. I am heartbroken, as well as at a loss of where now to buy clothes. I wish you the very best.

  129. laurie n says:

    Jill and Henrietta– come to Portland. The rents are lower, the people spend money, and it’s a perfect fit for you. Oregon would love you. I am completely serious. Come for a visit and I’ll take you to the Pearl District and to some equally awesome districts. We could make it work!!!!
    xoxoxo, laurie

  130. Kate C says:

    Jill… I haven’t commented here because I’ve had no words. I feel a terrible grief. The best words from me are the ones I’ve sent to you in notes and cards over the years. You are a pivotal and foundational part of who I am as a woman. Every day.

    I want what’s best for you, and I want your happiness. But please understand that I selfishly have to hold on to the hope that you will keep making clothes. If you do, I would commit to a set level of purchases in a heartbeat. Each dollar I’ve spent with you has enriched my life. I will do my best to support you if you find yourself continuing.

    All my love, and my gratitude, and my deepest respect.


  131. Michele says:

    I came to the site today to see what was new, and I was heartbroken to read this news. If I had gotten an email I would have made a point to come down and say goodbye, and scoop up any last Hepburns to go with my other four or five.

    I bought my first Jill Anderson creation in 2000, and that store has been a cornerstone of my New York ever since. The color of the room I’m writing this in was originally inspired by the first bustle-back dress I bought from Jill – one that Jill herself made sure was tailored to fit me. I get tons of compliments on the dresses and the jackets – I even bonded with a stranger at a restaurant once who recognized my dress as one of yours!

    Please, if you end up taking private clients, or running an online store, or relocating the entire wonderful enterprise to somewhere with lower rents (like here in Brooklyn!) keep us all posted. I can’t believe I’ve bought my last Jill Anderson, and I hope it won’t be true.

  132. Deborah Auer says:

    Very sorry that you are gone. I loved your dresses, loved your window. I bought one dress from you, a big splurge. Black background, red roses, green buttons. So glad I have it. Good luck to you, wonderful artist.

  133. Teresa says:

    I am so sorry to see your inspired, and truly inspiring, shop close it’s doors. You are my favorite designer – a wonderful talent with real integrity. That is rare.

  134. laurel says:

    So sorry to hear you are leaving. Can’t imagine a visit to New York without a visit to your boutique. I second Laurie N’s comment and say go to Portland! There will be a big audience for your fun, stylish and wearable clothes. Thanks and best regards, Laurel in Hawaii

  135. Alyssa says:

    I am so very sad about this news. I have been a customer since 1997.

  136. Emily Cohen says:

    Wearing today a Jill dress that I had put away and forgotten. Grey fuzzy with many hooks and eyes. So glad to find another one. Everyone knows about my Jill Anderson dresses.
    I hope Jill that you are doing well and settling in to whatever you are working on or not working on. Hoping to see you again!
    Big Hugs,

  137. Jane says:

    Selfishly, I’ve been too filled with sorrow to write, until now.

    18 years ago, I was a young 20-something, living around the corner from Jill’s shop. I was a broke dancer and I walked past the shop every day on my way to and from the dance studios, which were in SoHo back then. I knew I couldn’t own any of those magical garments hanging from the funky iron fixtures, so I never bothered to even try one on. Instead, I pretended the shop was a free art gallery, and at least once a week, I would walk slowly and reverently down the middle of those wood floorboards, just gazing at the beauty. That place smelled so damn good! I would inhale and feast my eyes and come out a bit richer for the experience.

    One day I finally spied the mythical dreadlocked creature behind all this magic and I got my courage up. I walked right up to her, shook her hand and said: “You don’t know me, but I think you’re a genius. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please call me. I live right around the corner.” She called me. And that call changed my life.

    Jill became my idol, my sister. We shared so many madcap adventures that are the stuff of legend in my mind. Fashion shows on a shoestring, road trips to the beach, photo shoots in illegal locations, film-making and button-shopping and brainstorming, laughter and tears in equal measure, you name it, it happened. She introduced me to amazingly powerful women, a phalanx of women like goddesses, like warriors! They were all united by the common thread of her astonishing artistry. Her work was the magnet that drew smart, achieving women off the streets of NYC and into her creative, intoxicating space.

    Jill and her vision and her clothes (which I eventually got to wear!) indelibly shifted life for me, and my husband too, and so many of my friends (one of whom even sleeps in her Jills, because why would anyone take off one of those luscious dresses just to go to bed?) She even shared her precious Pepper with me, and I will never forget Pepper’s many sleepovers at Aunt Jane’s.

    This is a new era, and although it makes me and everyone on this blog terribly uncomfortable and sorrowful, our Jill is a Phoenix who will rise with a new and mighty project just when we least expect it. This is the gal who shipped wrought iron on the slow boat from Greece, for crying out loud. Stay tuned.


  138. Leslie Palmer says:

    Thank you for all your lovely creations, designed with such a unique and one-of-a-kind vision. The East Village is poorer without you. And all your dedicated and loving customers are too. Please let us all know the next steps in your journey. Thank you and take care.

  139. Just wanted to say how proud I am of you Jill. I have enjoyed giving your
    dresses to Laura. She always looks great when she wears your designs. I have been
    reading the posts on your blog and am impressed with how many people truly
    appreciate what you have made. Good luck in the next step you take. Continue
    with your creativity. Your Brother, Garth

  140. Juli says:

    I AM SO SAD!!!

    I think I was in your store the 1st year that you opened (I used to live at Ave. B & 10th) Through the years I have come back on many occasions — I must have owned about 20 pieces throughout the years!

    A golden and an olive silk parachute skirts are still my go-to summer party wear. I am so sad that you won’t be there when we visit this December…I’d been thinking about my long lost pants (with the skirt over them?) — and jones-ing for another pair.

    Please let us all know where you land.


    (PS — best JA moment? Walking in and seeing Diane Keaton scanning the racks!)

  141. This site seems awesome! Keep up the good job and pls write some more information like this. u can also view ours 2.

  142. Alisa Tang says:

    Oh, no, this is very sad news. I have three of your pant-skirts in my “permanent” wardrobe (as well as two skirts), and inevitably when I travel or want to look smart, I wear a pant-skirt + shirt combo, and it always does the job — my executive editor even showered compliments during my last work trip in London. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours, and meantime, will keep my hopes up that you will open a new shop or venture sometime soon. all best from Thailand, Alisa

  143. Alisa Tang says:

    I just read a post online that says you’re not sure if you’re going to open an online business or fold the business altogether. If my vote counts, I tick the box for online business! I used to regularly stop by the shop and say hello to you, Jill, when I lived in NYC in the 90s. Alas, I’ve been abroad for so long and didn’t get a chance to say farewell.

  144. Mark Akiyama, PhD says:

    I am very, very sad to hear the news of your store closing Jill… You are such a gifted artist and you have given SO much to your friends and your community over the years- We all have been blessed to witness your artistic brilliance, passion, and creativity.

    Things in life happen for a reason. This is not the end of your artistic journey Jill… It’s the beginning.

    I wish you all the best.


  145. Kat Williams says:

    Dear All at the Best Boutique EVER!!
    To the best boutique ever!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jill Anderson clothes, and was just today thinking that I need to add to my Italian Widow dresses and discovered you were closed.

    They are my favorite articles of clothing to wear for work (over jeans!!)
    I will search for photos and send to blog. :(

    Please keep me on your mailing lists/posted about other openings, events, etc!!


  146. Kat Williams says:

    I agree with Adina – it is a shame that a talented designer with a great product should not be able to remain the neighborhood. The last thing the EV of A needs is another chain store. I’ve always received complements on my Jill A creations, and hope that she’ll re-emerge in 2014. I know whatever she creates will shine victorious.

  147. Mark Topping says:

    My wife looks the most beautiful when she is smiling about how good she feels in a new Jill Anderson dress. Thank you for a number of great dresses over a number of great years.

    - Mark

  148. Pia from Switzerland, formerly from the East Village says:

    Dear Jill,
    What a shock yesterday when i found myself in front of your closed store. I inquired around, and was told you closed a little over a month ago.

    Sad indeed, like many others on this page, i can only deplore your departure.
    For years, i have been coming to your store first when i lived just a couple of streets away, and still regularly after i had moved to Switzerland. Even more so after i had gained a few pounds, i knew i could always come to your place and not feel out of place like in so many boutiques, with my 10-12 size. Quite the contrary, i always felt a woman again, anything would fit, skirts, pants, i have many of them in my closet, the A shaped skirts in particular got and still get me dozens of compliments each time i wear them. You even made a special “skirt pant” for me in my favorite fabric, just before my departure to Switzerland.
    You are an expert on cuts and designs that fit the “regular” woman of the street. And i have always been so grateful to you for that. My mother, who is an old-school Italian tailor always complimented me on your clothes, which is much to say.

    I will miss you dearly Jill, and i hope you are ok. Should you decide to relaunch elsewhere or online, please please let us all know, as you have, as you can see, a huge fan club.
    I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.

  149. Magali Regis says:

    Dear Jill,
    I don’t know how i missed your email announcing your store’s closure, but i missed it ;-(must be the avalanche of mail i get every day and it got buried, somehow) so i didn’t know your store closed until today when i went by and saw a big ‘For Rent’ sign on the front door. I was shocked. At first I thought I was in front of the wrong shop, stepped back to look for your store sign along the many storefronts then realized it was actually your shop i was in front of. How could I have not known about it…since November!!! I’m still in total disbelief. It was one of our neighborhoods treasures. I’m fortunate to have a bunch of your clothes. I treasure and enjoy them all. Today i was wearing my plaid widow’s dress, actually.
    Hoping that all is well, wishing you a happy new year and much success in your next chapter. Please keep in touch.
    love and respect,

  150. shari says:

    please keep the information on this list and let us know if there’s a chance to purchase your clothes in the future. They were truly special, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to stock up before you were gone.

  151. Laura says:

    I was just in town from Toronto, Canada, and was completely stunned and bummed out to see the shop gone. I wish you all the best for your future, and my wardrobe is grateful for the various gems I’ve bought over the years.

  152. Sarah Machover says:

    Dear Jill,

    9th street is my favorite place to shop in Manhattan. Your store was always a must-stop for the wonderful fabrics, beautiful patterns, and creative designs. You are very missed! A hole has been left in my regular 9th street jaunts. Thank you for the years of inspiration and best of luck in the future. I hope to hear that this is not the last we’ll see of your designs!

  153. Beth Johnson says:

    This truly breaks my heart. I have purchased so many dresses from your store over the years, while living nearby, and they always made me happy and received compliments. And it was always a lovely experience being in your wonderful store. I too don’t know how I missed the earlier announcement of your closing. I was going to come in this week to pick out something to wear to my daughter’s wedding! Is there ANY chance I could contact to you privately to make something?

    With gratitude for what you created in that wonderful store…Beth

  154. Jane says:

    I am digging through years of detritus in dozens of boxes after a very unexpected and tumultuous move. Lo and behold, I open a box of long Jill skirts from the late 90s I had packed away when having babies seemed to relegate me to dirty jeans most days. I try them all on, partly curious to see if they still fit me. And WOW! Without fail, every single one of them is a grand-slam, off-the-charts winner! Stunning silhouettes, insane fabrication choices, glam proportions. I feel like I just won the lottery and can’t wait for spring so I can debut these babies all over again, sans coat. Jill’s genius strikes again. And again. Watch this lady closely. The game is not over yet.

    • As always, on my first night in NYC I ate at Veselka and walked down the street to Jill’s store, to see what was in the window. Obviously, nothing. So I came back to my hotel and looked this up. So sorry to lose your brilliance, Jill, though I am sure you still have it. Thanks for decades of awesome fashions, a friendly and welcoming store and staff, and my favorite place to shop in NYC. You will be missed. Brava for a terrific run! Barbara

  155. Amy Berfield says:

    When I moved to the east village in 1999, finding Jill Anderson was a real treat. Even though I moved to LA in 2002, I still made it back to the store once a year and was so pleased to see a string of female designers on 9th street following in Jill’s footsteps.
    I will really miss the store, but would love to shop online! Please consider it!

  156. Dana says:

    I too just realized that the store had closed. In 2006 I bought a dress for a wedding in your shop and had it custom fit and lo and behold I put it to that dress that I got pregnant with my beautiful soon to be 7 year old that night! I haven’t had the guts to try that dress on again (smile) but I do have two Italian Widow dresses that I gate rave comments on every time I wear them. They are almost 8 years old. Please keep me apprised of your next move and than you for all you did for so man years ..

  157. Lg says:

    Dear lovely Jil, I’ve moved to Queens and it has been too long since I’ve shopped in the east village. I had no idea that you had closed! I wore my purple italian wedding dress to a wedding tonight and everyone was in awe of the design and color. I went to your site to see what was on the docket for spring. I can’t believe you’re gone! Please tell me you’re still designing, I’m your fan forever. Xoxo

  158. Elaine Newman says:

    Please let us know if you plan to reopen on line or other. The neighborhood will truly miss your artistry, as will I. I wish you the best.

  159. elaine gallant from Surfloom Off-Price Fabrics says:

    Just found out after dialing you that you are no longer there. Honestly, I am in and out of all the designer places where I purchase their surplus fabrics so I say this with all sincerity—– there was no question that when I went to your store to get an idea of the fabrics you use; I found that your taste and styling were surperb!! You are creative and have a knack for what works. So sorry to find out that New York does not support this industry well enough for artists like you to survive.

  160. Lynn says:

    It has been just over a year since you closed shop and I am still in mourning. I check this website periodically to see if you have resurfaced. I have not found a replacement for your expertly designed clothing. Still hoping you will magically reappear. Hope you are happy wherever you are. You are missed!

  161. Ba says:

    any updates on our beloved jill anybody?

  162. Jen says:

    I too still dearly miss of your fabulous shop. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to wear a number of my older JA dresses (and loan one to a coveting family member.) My days in your wonderful clothes are always joyful. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my skin as in your beautiful designs. Hope you are happy and well. Always eager to order some new dresses. Wishing you all the best. Know you are loved.

  163. Alice Feiring says:

    Jill, I keep looking for you, hoping you resurface! Wearing my precious black and red widow dress, wish I had more.

  164. Cyndi ler says:

    Jill! I have missed your beautiful self so much and hope you are doing wonderfully well wherever you are. I am getting married soon and wish I could have a new Jill Anderson creation for that special day. Sending love and peace to you, Cyndi

  165. Mimi says:

    almost 2 1/2 years. I’m wearing the Italian Widow in stretch denim today and getting compliments galore. Are you still designing? Would love to buy online or anywhere in NYC. Hope you’re well.

  166. margaret says:

    Hey Jill.
    I am still wearing — and getting compliments on — so many of your designs. I wore my red parachute (full length) for my 50th and felt like the belle of the ball!! and I have so many of your dresses in my wardrobe — they are all my “go to” dresses.

    I was just online and wondering (as so many of us have here) if you were online selling.

    Whatever you are doing now, I’m sure you are bringing your wonderful sense of style and creativity to it — even if it’s just taking a well deserved break to put your feet up for a while.

    All the best.

  167. Evelyn says:

    Jill, I still miss you, and find it hard to walk past your store. So many good memories, so many beautiful clothes. I still hope you will start designing again, and that I can order more Italian widows, now my favorite design. I hope you are well, wherever you are. Evelyn (Elaine’s sister, who used to live in your store space).

  168. Livette says:

    Jill, I just left NYC after 25 years. I went out last night and my friends asked me how not ch I spent on clothes. I was wearing one of your dresses, and lamented to them the clothes of many small designers and original boutiques in Manhattan have closed in favor of chain stores, banks and drug stores.
    I still have all of your clothes and wish you the best. Let us know if you design again. You and your store are missed.

  169. Kelly says:

    Hi, Jill —
    Still miss you and would love to hear an update if you’ve got one. Hope you are well and thriving, wherever you are!

  170. Denise says:

    I’m wearing one of your dresses today (the Italian Widow) and thinking about how many beloved items of clothing I have from your store. I keep hoping you’ll come back one day. Your are sorely missed!

  171. Anne Craig says:

    Your clothes are still my favorite in my closet.

  172. Patricia Sullivan says:

    I found your store only 2 years before you closed. What beautiful, wearable and flattering clothes! I feel so sad that the store is gone. I have a few treasured items which I will always love. Any chance you could still sell clothing ? It was so stylish and timeless. Thank you!

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