Mistress Miriam

Rain or shine (or, like today, bizarre fluctuations of both),  we can always count on Miriam to make us smile.  Here’s our girl struttin’ her stuff in some of fall’s finest.

Looking fab-solutely chic in our Tartan Dustbowl Daughter.
We still have 4 of these darlings left!  Swing by and try one on for size.

And, simply to celebrate Miriam, I’ve made a gif of her doin’ a little dance in vintage Jill.

That’s the spirit!


Stay tuned for a slew of hot-off-the-press pieces.  Though I’d hate to spoil a good surprise, I will say this:
For those who love dressy jumpsuits and silk slip dresses… we salute you.

All our love,
Ari + Jill

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And the hits keep rollin’

Without further ado (and with great excitement), I present to you the latest pieces of Jill Anderson’s Fall 2013 collection.

Our friend Violet, above, sporting our newest take on the Painter Duster.
Seductive, yet street-smart lace. Need I say more?
(We will be adding buttons!)

Truly couture.
Jill’s classic Duster silhouette features a feminine, A-line cut with drop shoulders.

Wear it over a slip, some jeans, a wedding dress… you name it!


Above, another take on our newest Painter Duster.
Structural, showstopping canvas.

Yes, we made even MORE Tartan Dustbowl Daughters.
We currently have one in each size.

Remember all that plaid I shared with you a few posts ago?
Well, here’s what became of that hopeful fabric roll– NEW ITALIAN WIDOWS!

Alright, you can rejoice again.

Come stop by and try these on for size!
– Arianne Alizio
Photos of Violet by yours truly


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The Extraordinary Piper Kerman

Recently, our shop was graced by the presence of a special customer.  You may know Piper Kerman best due to the outstanding success of her recent Netflix series.  She is the author of Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010), a memoir described by the press as “transcendent,” and “impossible to put down.”  Ms. Kerman is wonderfully poised, poignant, and politically active– check out her NPR interview here.

Piper came to us looking for her staple “on air” dress– the Italian Widow.  We couldn’t be more flattered.  It is a compliment of the highest degree when the people you admire most arrive at your doorstep to personally request your craft.

A thousand thanks, Piper!






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We’re On a Roll!

At the expense of shamelessly tootin’ our own horn, I must admit that I am honored to be the bearer of good news.

Jill’s latest creations are OUT of this world.  Our production lines are back in full swing, and we’re off to a fabulous beginning of fall.  We managed to unearth the very last of our silk dupioni rolls (Gasp!) for some surprise Widows, and put our mood boards to the test for a new take on the Dustbowl Daughter.

Scroll down and take a gander.  I think you’ll be pleased.


Our new Italian Widow in a stunning Lilac Silk Dupioni
The iridescence is to dye for.

This particular Widow was made for a special customer’s upcoming TV appearance
(check out our next blog post for details).

A close-up of our Lilac Widow, above.
Only two sizes left!  (XS + S)


Our Italian Widow in Black Dupioni.
A true classic in every sense.
Currently in sizes  S, M, L, + XL


Take a bow–
This Dustbowl Daughter deserves a standing ovation.
Jill’s latest features a subtly sheer damask pattern with cream cotton slip.
I’m still fawning over the black satin tie-back and diamond-knit trim!

Details, above.
We have two XS + one S in store.

A perfect segue from summer to fall.

– Arianne Alizio

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There Will Be Plaid

Sure, we’re still dealing with stubborn humidity, surprise thunder storms, and scantily-clad Manhattanites sipping on overpriced fruit smoothies.  But don’t worry your little heart.  This, too, shall pass.

After pulling soggy bangs away from my eyes (Sweat?  Rain?  Who knows?  Who cares) and throwing out the hot remains of a “Berry Powerful”  (Ok… Guilty), I found reassurance on 9th street.  I realized my tanlines are gone. Mannequins’ flip flops and crop tops have been swapped with boots and cardigans.  The leaves are changing.  There’s hope yet.

I come back from my lunch break and Ralph the Fabric Guy rolls up in a cab.  He comes bearing gifts– rolls upon rolls of fresh textiles to begin our next collection.  Suddenly, I don’t feel so soggy anymore.  I make an executive decision to play some Miles Davis and return to my post.

Consider yourselves warned–

There will be plaid.



… And a little lace.  Alright, some sequins too.
Oh, and silks that will make you do the Happy Dance in front of our mirrors.
Visit us weekly to see what makes the next cut!

(Spoiler:  We have new Super Sheaths in Navy Watch Plaid, and new Debbie Harry’s in black.  And rumor has it, an all-new Dustbowl Daughter is in the works.)


We look forward to catching up.

– Arianne Alizio,

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Rain, Rain

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* three new dresses *

Wishing you a super sunday from the shop!
Here’s what’s been cookin’ here at Jill Anderson Boutique.

We just can’t get enough of the new Debbie Harry dress! Our second batch sold out in three days, so we had no choice but to make more.  The Debbie is our latest signature piece– so expect jersey and mesh combos to sing about in the coming weeks.

In fact, Evan Michelson admitted to the Debbie being her new Italian Widow.  (Gasp!)
She has already collected three versions of the Debbie and calls them her “new perfect everyday dress… They’re just too good!”

Evan is one of our dearest customers and friends.  She is the tour de force behind Obscura, a local reliquary for the odd and macabre.   You may know Evan from her shop (www.obscuraantiques.com), or perhaps her television show “Oddities” (www.science.discovery.com/tv-shows/oddities).  Another true Jill Anderson muse!
Take a gander at the new Etch-a-Sketch Red Debbies below.

Featured above with luxe black mesh

Featured above with fine floral overlay

Detail of fine floral overlay (above)


The news keeps getting better.  I promise.

We also have a new Super Sheath in stock!  But since this navy watch plaid is diabolically smart AND sexy, we have a hard time calling this dress a no-brainer.  So, let’s just say this new Super Sheath is truly at the top of her class.  An absolute must!  (I’m wearing mine now over a long sleeved black tee with mary janes and a forest green satchel.  No shame.)


Last but not least (drumrole, please)—

Another best-seller just received a back-to-school makeover.
Check out our Dustbowl Daughter dress in this classic tartan plaid!
Our Dustbowl Schoolgirl has been adorned with a black satin tieback and coordinated piping.
And yes, she still has pockets!  (You can see the front of the dress peeking out to my right.)


As always, thank you so much for your support.  We hope to see you soon!


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Here’s our dear friend Raven looking like an absolute goddess in our Field Maid dress & silk dupioni paraskirt.

We currently have one XS paraskirt in “bottle” green left in stock (shown above).  We still have a few 100% silk paraskirts and paradresses here at the boutique, but they’re going quickly.  Be sure to grab this signature work before they disappear forever!  Romantic and timeless.

Photo credit: Arianne Alizio

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* hot off the press *

You heard it first–  Jill has two new creations this weekend!!

Thirsty for new Super Sheaths?  Well you’re in luck.
Jill’s “Wino Print” S.S. is another perfect transition piece as summer cools to fall.  While it’s warm, wear this with wedges and a favorite sun hat.  If it’s chilly, try layering our Wino with boots, contrasting tights, and a cropped jacket.  Easily dressed up or down!

Wine on your dress?
No problem.


Our Debbie Harry Remix has been released for a mere 48 hours, and we’re nearly sold out again.  One hit wonder?  I think not.  Come try on our new and improved Debbies, featuring gold fishnet and luxe black mesh (see below).

Our “Debbie Harry” with gold fishnet overlay


Our “Debbie Harry” with luxe black mesh overlay

Undeniably chic, with a clever nod to our punk roots.
This one’s an underground smash hit (and the fans want more).



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Lady in Red

See the beautiful Bernadette model our Silk Paradress in “Moulin Rouge”.  Upon visiting our store, Bernadette’s accessories and hairstyle just so happened to be a perfect accompaniment to the dress.  C’est magnifique!

Please note: Jill will no longer be making this signature design as we move forth to create new store classics.  The remaining Paradresses (and Paraskirts) are truly the last of their kind!

Our rouge has since sold, but don’t fret! We still have a fabulous selection of Silk Paradresses in stock,  50-70% off.




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